October 17, 2021

The 23 Best Wedding Venues in Antigua Guatemala ~ 2024

After receiving so much positive feedback for our first article about The Best 15 Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan. We decided to do the best wedding venues for Antigua Guatemala! Antigua is such a beautiful and unique place to get married. Antigua is full of colorful streets and vistas of looming volcano peaks. This quaint and quiet town is now starting to be recognized as an up-and-coming location for destination weddings.

So if you still haven’t decided on a wedding venue, definitely keep reading. This list is the ultimate resource to help you find the best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.

Best Wedding Venues to Get Married in Antigua Guatemala 02

~ First Things First ~

Our biggest piece of advice for getting married in Antigua is to hire a wedding planner. Especially for couples who are planning from abroad. Having someone who knows the details of booking certain venues. Their policies and whether they work for your budget will save you a lot of time and headaches. If you need recommendations for wedding planners, shoot us an email and we will send you a list.

When deciding on a wedding venue, be sure to consider a few things. Knowing the size, style and date of your wedding can make all the difference when deciding on the location. Rainy season in Guatemala usually starts around May and goes until October, with a short break in July or August.  Dry season is usually from November until April.

We took all the photos in this list. We have covered weddings in all the venues listed.  If you want to see more photos of a particular place, please send us an email. We will happily send you a full wedding gallery.

We have divided this list into Ruins and Hotels and included as much relevant information as possible. If you would like more information on a venue, please leave a comment below or contact us! And without further ado, here is our list of best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.



Best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala ~ Ruins

(Click here to jump ahead to the list of Hotels)

The first part of our two-part venue recommendations begins with the gorgeous church ruins that are spotted all over Antigua. These venues are some of our favorite locations where we have photographed weddings. The ruins are amazing because they have minimal visual clutter and are centrally located. They are also a blank slate in terms of design and decoration, so the options here are endless.

Ruins of Santa Clara

(Click here to see a wedding we photographed in Santa Clara)

The Convent of Santa Clara is perhaps one of the most dynamic and stunning locations for a wedding in Antigua. The convent has a wide variety of spaces that function for separate parts of the wedding day. You could literally host your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and a separate dance-floor all in different spaces within this complex. The possibilities here are endless.

The entirety of Santa Clara includes a beautiful garden with a fountain, a few arched walkways along the sides, a beautiful, temple with an open ceiling and altar, all of which could be used for various special moments throughout the day.

Also, just outside the ruins is the Pila Pública or Tanque de la Unión, an infamous yellow washing station where we have photographed many couples who are getting married inside of Santa Clara. This building is a wonder for photos, since it provides a myriad of angles for amazing pictures.

These ruins are great for big and small weddings. But it might be a good idea to use some of the smaller areas for more intimate moments. Another thing to keep in mind about Santa Clara is that most of the spaces are not covered. So you might be taking a risk if your wedding is planned during the rainy season. Especially if you are planning on having the reception in the garden or open-ceiling temple.

Wedding Reception at Convent of Santa Clara Antigua Guatemala
Best Wedding Venues to Get Married in Antigua Guatemala 02
Wedding Ceremony setting in Antigua Guatemala
First Kiss Destination Wedding Antigua Guatemala

Ruins of Capuchinas

(Click here to see a wedding we photographed in Capuchinas)

Much like Santa Clara, the Church & Convent of Las Capuchinas has a wide variety of spaces and options to host a wedding. There is a green open garden, a gorgeous two-level courtyard with a fountain right in the middle, and the church (which is covered—unlike the temple in Santa Clara).

The entrance into the temple has two towering wooden doors, making for an epic entrance into a ceremony or onto the dancefloor.

Convento Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

Capuchinas would be great for a large or small wedding. And if you’re looking to get married during the rainy season. The two-level courtyard provides a great shelter from the rain. As well as a stunning setting for dinner tables or a candlelit walkway. You and your guests also have access to the second level of the courtyard. Which means more quintessential Antiguan backdrops and space for photo opportunities.

Destination wedding convento capuchinas antigua guatemala
Destination Wedding Antigua Guatemala

Santa Rosa Ruins / “Casa de la Ruina”

La Casa de La Ruina has the charm of a family atmosphere, comfortable and welcoming, combined
with the majesty and beauty of the Santa Rosa Ruin, all this in the same space; a unique site
within the heart of Antigua Guatemala and the ideal environment to celebrate life.

Services offered:
• Lodging for large groups (complete house with capacity for 22 people).
• Area to celebrate all kinds of events (composed of a Ruin, a large garden and bathrooms
equipped for events) up to 350 people.
• Additional services for the adequate logistics of events.

En La Casa de La Ruina, el pasado se funde con el presente para crear experiencias inolvidables
que pasan a formar parte de la vida de las personas.

Ruins of San Jose El Viejo

(Click here to see a wedding we photographed in San Jose el Viejo)

San Jose is a hidden gem in Antigua. It is not open to the public, so very few people ever get to see beyond the beautiful facade and large wooden doorway. Inside San Jose is a stunning high-ceiling temple which looks like it came from an ancient history textbook.

The walls of the temple are already equipped with candle fixtures and the small garden in front is perfect for a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception. All of San Jose El Viejo is covered apart from the courtyard outside, so it’s a nice cozy venue even in the rainy season.

The space is perfect for a ceremony and reception for a modest-sized wedding (between 50-150 people). If you’re looking to host a larger event, there is the option of having the ceremony take place at San Jose, then moving the party to Porta Hotel, which is just across the street.

One of our favorite things about San Jose is the afternoon light, in the afternoon and just before sunset, when the sun shines in through a couple of windows towards the back of the temple creating a beautifully lit, picture-perfect scene for any wedding ceremony. Hands down, one of the best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.

Best Wedding Venues to Get Married in Antigua Guatemala 04
Best Destination Wedding

Ruins of La Recoleccion

(Click here to see an engagement session we photographed at La Recoleccion)

We have to admit that we have only ever photographed ONE wedding at La Recoleccion and we have no idea why. Hidden away behind the Antigua market, these ruins look like a lost world among the greenery of the mountains behind it.

At the entrance is a long pathway that leads to what was once a church, similarly constructed in the 18th century. The church existed intact for less than a decade before an earthquake destroyed it and it was left to ruin.

This ruin, however, is one of our favorite places to photograph because of the rocky landscape that exists where a church once stood, creating a backdrop unlike any of the other ruins in Antigua. Giant pieces of the structure lay strewn around a courtyard that looks like it came from an Indiana Jones movie. At the front of the church is a reconstructed archway and staircase—a famously gorgeous frame for a photograph.

The entire compound of La Recoleccion is massive and while there is no covered area within La Recoleccion, many of its courtyards and gardens could be used as a space for a canopy or tent for a large wedding reception. And with so much space, La Recoleccion is ideal for an “all-in-one” location as well, which makes it one of the best venues to get married in Antigua Guatemala.

Wedding Couples at La Recoleccion in Antigua Guatemala
Bride and groom walk towards ruins of La Recoleccion in Antigua Guatemala

Jardin Real De Santiago

(Click here to see a wedding we shot at Jardín Real de Santiago, with preparations at Pensativo)

While the layout of Jardin Real De Santiago isn’t as large as some of the other ruins in Antigua, its location is right in the city center of Antigua. Its modest size would make for a wonderful wedding venue.

Jardin Real is also uncovered, but is right next to Ezenario Historico, which can be rented in conjunction with the ruin as an indoor area for refuge during the rainy season.

The jardin (or garden in English) has high, rustic walls along the sides of the garden adorned with bougainvilleas and other flora.

Its enclosed space makes for a more private event. While also being close to many hotels and famous photo opportunities around Antigua. For example, Jardin Real de Santiago is located within a few blocks of La Merced. Antigua’s famous yellow church as well as the Arch of Santa Catalina, Antigua’s most famous attraction.

Ruins of La Ermita

Hidden away just outside of the Antigua’s center are the ruins of La Ermita. These ruins are along a road that runs along the east side of Antigua. This dramatic backdrop isn’t one of the most common ruins to get married in, but they are certainly some of the most beautiful.

The amphitheater steps that lead down to the church’s façade make for an amazing frame for a wedding setting. The façade doors open up to an open-ceiling room with tall walls on all four sides. What used to be an old church now just lays the ground for the perfect reception hall for a small wedding.

These ruins are not covered, so not a recommended locale during the rainy season. If you could time it perfectly though, La Ermita really seems to pop the most when the trees behind are green and lush. A November wedding here would be absolutely gorgeous. Something else to keep in mind is that there is minimal parking at La Ermita, so transport to and from the venue will be needed.

Best Wedding Destination
Best Destination Wedding

Ruins of San Jeronimo

It is one of the convents and churches in ruins. Perhaps one of the most beautiful and peaceful with a tradition of gardens that recreates the sight and the spirit. Located 6 blocks from Central Park. It’s one of the most distant but always accessible ruins just one block from the Alameda de Santa Lucía. Located on the Alameda de Santa Lucía and 1st Calle Poniente, in the surroundings of La Antigua Guatemala.
The complex has beautiful landscaping, and especially around the central fountain. It is also known as the old ´´Royal Customs´´

Ruins of La Merced

This is one of the more famous locations in Antigua, because of the church’s bright yellow façade that is emblematic of Antigua’s color. La Merced itself consists of a cathedral and ruins, both of which can be rented separately or together. The limitation with the church however, is that they only allow ceremonies there for Catholic couples. You can certainly rent the ruins separately from the church if you’re looking for just a beautiful rustic place for your special day.

The ruins at La Merced boast the biggest fountain in Antigua right smack in the middle of the ruins, surrounded by arched pathways on all four sides of the fountain’s courtyard.

La Merced has also a stunning second level, from which you have an almost 360 degree view of Antigua. From this second level you also have a view of the three volcanoes seen from Antigua. A rare sight for most of the ruins.

Wedding Couple at Ruins of La Merced in Antigua Guatemala
Bridal Party at Ruins of La Merced in Antigua Guatemala

Ezenario Historico

Ezenario is a fairly new location, almost hidden in the center of Antigua, right next to the ruins of Jardin Real de Santiago. The structure was originally built in the 1500’s, but was then restored and converted into a rustic, colorful event space. This venue is great for modest to small sized weddings and contains four different spaces that are available for use.
The entrance is a grand, tall wooden door that welcomes you into the first hall, which is tinted a celestial blue in the traditional sponge painting style that is often found in Antigua. Then follows two larger, covered spaces that would function perfectly as the reception hall and dance floor. Both have pieces of the original construction on display, complimented by the wooden ceiling & large windows, which provide wonderful natural light during the day.
Ezenario also has a terrace with great views of the rooftops of Antigua as well as a view of Volcan Agua, as it quietly watches over Antigua. Finally, there is an open-aired patio with a lovely fountain that is emblematic of a typical Antiguan home, with hallways on the sides and no ceiling, perfect for a cocktail hour or ceremony locale


 Best wedding Venues in Antigua Guatemala

Ruins of Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a beautiful courtyard that would be perfect for a modest-sized wedding in Antigua. The courtyard has a lovely fountain right in the middle with those famous arched passageways along all four sides of the courtyard. The rustic look of Santa Teresa is beautiful and can be accompanied with a variety of décor and designs.

This ruin is also within walking distance to many famous attractions in Antigua, such as La Merced, the arch and Calle Santa Rosa, a beautiful cobblestone street lined with trees and colorful walls that is great for taking pictures.

Best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala ~ Hotels

The second half of our list of best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala includes hotels and rentals. All of these locations provide some accommodation as well as the convenience of a kitchen or restaurant on-site. However, you might want to check with the venue itself regarding catering for your wedding. Especially if you are looking for something larger or outside of the hotel’s kitchen capacity.

Most of these hotels also have options for indoor and outdoor spaces. Which means you’ll have less to worry about if you’re getting married during or around the rainy season.

Pensativo House

(Click here to see a wedding that we photographed at Pensativo)

Built out of the previous home of a Guatemalan military general, Pensativo House Hotel is a quiet yet luxurious place to get married in Antigua. With gorgeous white architecture inspired from the ruins around Antigua, Pensativo House is an elegant location where you can host a ceremony, cocktail hour, reception & even the after party all in the same location.

With plenty of spaces to choose from, Pensativo would be great for small and medium-sized weddings (maximum 250 people.) There are also a number incredibly well-lit rooms which are lavishly designed, great for getting ready and pre-wedding photographs.

The courtyards are some of the most beautiful spaces for cocktail hours and receptions that we have seen, with heavy greenery and clean architecture on all sides for a perfectly glamorous event. Pensativo House Hotel also has a large terrace with views facing directly towards Agua volcano, amazing for open-air ceremonies. All in all, Pensativo is surely one of the best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.

Destination Wedding Pensativo House HotelWedding Couple at Pensativo House Hotel in Antigua Guatemala
Best wedding venues antigua guatemala
Same sex couple during their destination wedding in antigua guatemala

Best wedding Venues to Get Married in Antigua Guatemala

Porta Hotel

Within a short walk from Pensativo is Porta Hotels, which also a large fully-equipped hotel and venue in its own right. Porta is across the street from San Jose El Viejo, with a large courtyard facing the ruins. This courtyard gives you the backdrop of ancient ruins, without having to bother renting them. Porta also has a wide variety of rooms and a large event space with a capacity of almost 450 people, making it a great choice for a large wedding.

When it comes to food, Porta is one of the frontrunners for catering in Antigua, so there will not be limits on choices at dinnertime. There is also a full bar, swimming pool, restaurant, onsite parking and much more which will keep your guests occupied on the days around the wedding.

Best Wedding Venue Antigua Guatemala

Porta Wedding Venue Antigua Guatemala
Wedding Reception at Porta Hotel In Antigua Guatemala
Donde casarse Antigua Guatemala

Porta is also a great choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one place for your event. Since it has everything that you’ll need onsite. This hotel also has a staff that is solely dedicated to helping out with the planning of weddings and events. However, we still recommend hiring a wedding planner in Antigua for support with travel logistics, décor & small details.

Villa bokeh

With an hacienda that seemingly embraces a lush, private landscape with a spectacular, volcanic panorama. Villa Bokéh’s gardens, patios, and interlaced ponds create the perfect environment for romantic weddings and dreamy retreats.

Their diverse event options consistently center around impeccable attention to detail and enthusiastic service. They can connect you with a list of exclusive planners to design the perfect soirée. For up to 200 people. The villa also offer delectable in-house catering menus that best match your event plan.

Panza Verde

(Click here to see an engagement session we photographed at Panza Verde)

Since we’ve covered quite a few of the large potential wedding venues so far, we thought it might be good to also cover some of the places that are great for smaller or more intimate weddings in Antigua Guatemala. Panza Verde has to be one of our favorites. Elopements here are a dream, and with so many nooks and picturesque corners, you’ll never tire of the countless options that are there for photos.

We love the general design and rustic look of Panza Verde, it’s boutique hotel, so you won’t find endless corporate-looking hallways of rooms here, rather beautifully decorated walkways leading to unique rooms, each with their own design and character. The hotel has beauty in every last detail and don’t even get us started on the food (Spoiler alert : it’s AMAZING.)

Panza Verde has a beautiful terrace on the top of the hotel from which you can bask in the beauty of Agua Volcano.  Needless to say, we are enchanted by Panza Verde and would recommend it for weddings or simply as a place to get ready, as it’s design is simply unmatched anywhere else.

Wedding Couple at Hotel Meson Panza Verde Antigua Guatemala
Hotel Meson Panza Verde Antigua Guatemala
Couple in hammock at Meson Panza Verde Antigua
Photo Session in Panza Verde Antigua Guatemala
Elopement in Antigua Guatemala

Finca Filadelfia

(Hagan click aquí para ver una boda que fotografiamos en Finca Filadelfia)

This sprawling coffee finca is located a few minutes drive outside of the center of Antigua. Finca Filadelfia is one of the most well-established coffee farms in Guatemala, with tours and excursions for the many travelers that visit every year. There are also a wide-variety of options for wedding ceremony locations, including the terrace used for drying coffee or one of the many green gardens that are within the property.

The rooms that can accommodate you and your guests are spacious and comfortable. Amenities of the hotel include a pool, restaurant and even a small chapel for its guests, all away from the hustle and bustle of Antigua.

A wedding at Finca Filadelfia could be large or small, since there are a few location options to choose from. We would definitely suggest making use of one of the garden areas for a wedding. Especially for couples getting married in the dry season, and obviously don’t miss out on the amazing organic coffee!

Wedding Finca Filadelfia Antigua Guatemala
Finca Filadelfia Antigua Guatemala
Wedding Finca Filadelfia Antigua Guatemala


(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Conceptió)

This is one of the newer locales for weddings in Antigua and while it hasn’t been open for long, it does not disappoint. Located in San Gaspar Vivar, this venue is a short 10-minute drive from Antigua, right next to the small public square of the village.

Within the area of Conceptio is an ample garden with space for an outdoor reception of almost 1000 people, a small pool and house with rooms to get ready and for 12 guests to sleep at the end of the night. There is also a large gallery included in the property that could function as the buffet or bar location, or a small covered dance floor. The gallery has an upper level that could function as an area for cocktails or for guests to observe the wedding happenings from above.

On the property is a small chapel, but there is also the larger cathedral of San Gaspar right next to the venue as well. Your guests could walk from the ceremony to the reception within minutes. The style at Conceptió has more of a modern touch, so this would be an ideal place for a modern or artistic bride.

Best Wedding Venues Antigua Guatemala
Best Wedding Venues Antigua Guatemala
Best Wedding Venues with garden Antigua Guatemala
Best Outdoor Wedding Venue Antigua Guatemala

Best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.

Posada San Rafael

San Rafael is another gorgeously designed boutique hotel that couldn’t be closer to the center of Antigua. It is within a one minute walk of the arch, La Merced and Central Park. At San Rafael, the beauty is also in the details. The architecture is a modern take on the typical style of Antigua, with cozy rooms and comfortable spaces that would be great for a small wedding. There is courtyard in the middle of the hotel, as well as a library for guests to enjoy during their stay.

The second level San Rafael is the best part, in our opinion. You can literally see the arch within one block on this open-air terrace that rests right above the courtyard. You’ll have plenty of volcanic views from this rooftop, as well as many photo opportunities for the big day within a minutes walk.

Very few couples even know that San Rafael is available for weddings, mostly since it’s a smaller venue. With the rooftop and gardens included, San Rafael is perfect for a wedding of 100 people or less. As an intimate wedding location for family weddings or elopements, there are few places that could be more beautiful.

Best Wedding Venues Antigua Guatemala
Small Wedding Antigua Guatemala
Wedding Ceremony setting in Antigua Guatemala
Rooftop Elopement in Antigua Guatemala
Best Wedding Venues Antigua Guatemala

Earth Lodge

We shot one of our very first weddings at Earth Lodge, and have since then dream about getting another chance to shoot there. Earth Lodge is part avocado farm, part hostel, part getaway from the hustle and bustle in Antigua. You take your guests about 20 minutes up into the hills of Antigua, from which you will have one of the most spectacular views of the town and the three volcanoes, all from the tranquility of this low-key hotel.

There are a few open spaces that work as ceremony locations, as well as a fully-equipped restaurant and bar that functions perfectly as a reception hall. Earth Lodge is great for relaxed couples, that want something simple and beautiful. There is a bit of a trek down a hill to arrive to the hotel, so make sure you visit Earth Lodge before you decide to get married there in order to make sure it’s the right place for you.

Best Wedding Locations Antigua Guatemala

Maximum guest capacity is 140 people, with a sleep capacity of 40, so small weddings here are a must. You can accommodate your guests in wooden treehouses, glamping tents and cozy cabins. Guaranteeing a unique experience for your friends and family. Added plus: avocado on everything!

Wedding Couple at Earth Lodge Guatemala

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Santo Domingo)

Santo Domingo is perhaps one of the most famous locations to get married in Antigua Guatemala. We have heard from multiple brides that they had “dreamed of their wedding as a child at Santo Domingo” since it simply is a historic location for a wedding. The hotel grounds include the ruins of a monastery & museum of the same name, as well as many other amenities for your guests and wedding day.

Santo Domingo has a huge range of options for large and small weddings, but we think that it really suits larger weddings better. Ceremonies normally take place in front of the chapel façade, one of the most ornate and beautiful backdrops for a wedding you can imagine. Receptions normally take place in the Convention Center, a large room capable of hosting more than 500 people (probably more, but that’s the biggest we have seen there.) There is another, more open space that is available for smaller events that is also in a different section of the hotel, which has a lovely outdoor courtyard and ample space for seating around 100-200 people (check out Alex & Yasmin’s wedding to see an example of this reception space.)

Wedding Casa Santo Domingo

Cocktail hours are perfect in the outdoor courtyard under the shade of a huge Ceiba tree. Which is Guatemala’s national tree. During an afternoon or candlelit evening, this courtyard is a spectacular location for your guests to wait for the reception.

Since Santo Domingo has been a staple in the wedding industry of Antigua for ages. They also have onsite catering, bars and staff to help you plan your big day. But as always, we highly recommend an outside planner to help with logistics and communication throughout planning. Best wedding Venues in Antigua Guatemala

Wedding Dress Hangs at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua Guatemala
Welcome Garden at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua Guatemala
Best Wedding Venue Antigua Guatemala
Best Wedding Venues Antigua Guatemala
Wedding Ceremony Hotel Casa Santo Domingo
Wedding Reception at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo
Hotel Casa Santo Domingo Wedding Antigua Guatemala

Santo Domingo del Cerro

In addition to the huge amount of amenities that Santo Domingo offers, there is also an entirely different venue, at an offsite location on a hill above Antigua. This means that you’ll get the same sort of service, food and comfort of a wedding at Santo Domingo, just with a change of scenery.

While there are no rooms up at El Cerro, there is a large covered reception area that can accommodate a large wedding celebration. The space is surrounded by a curved balcony, from which your guests can enjoy the view or take in a bit of fresh air during the party. Below this structure is where the majority of the ceremonies happen, all with the view of the city below.

Wedding Santo Domingo El Cerro

There are sprawling gardens that surround El Cerro as well. Where you can find statues and sculptures created by renowned Guatemalan artists. When it’s time for the celebration to end. The staff (or your planner) can help you coordinate the 10-15 minute transport. From the top of the hill back down to the hotel or wherever your guests are staying for the evening.

Wedding Santo Domingo El Cerro
Wedding Casa Santo Domingo El Cerro

Casa Blanca Glamping

Looking for something with a little more greenery? Casa Blanca Glamping is your place! This glamping hotel is perfect for couples who want a more natural feel for their weddings. Casa Blanca is tucked away in a cozy valley off of the highway that leads to Guatemala City. It’s only about a 10 minute drive from Antigua, but this lush canyon, might as well be miles away from any civilization.

Ceremonies of 225 guests can take place in a quiet canyon near a natural spring. Casa Blanca can also host weddings of 25 people or less on a hilltop surrounded by avocado trees. This venue can be one of those “all-in-one” type of locations as well for groups of 25 people or less. The reception area is right next to where ceremonies take place, and Casa Blanca can provide food for weddings of 25 people or less. For bigger weddings, it would be recommended to bring a caterer in from either Antigua or Guatemala City.

Casa Blanca Glamping Wedding
Wedding Ceremony Casa Blanca Glamping 3
Proposal Antigua Guatemala Casa Blanca Glamping

Las Farolas

Looking for a lot more greenery?

Please tell us what you think of our list of the best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala!

~ Leave us a Comment ~

Leave us a comment If you think we missed a venue that belongs on this list. Or if we missed a crucial piece of information about a certain venue. All in all, there really is no bad choice to get married in Antigua, Guatemala. Between the ruins, boutique hotels and ancient churches, there are so many beautiful options for couples. We hope we have helped with this article to choose one of the best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.

Finally, keep in mind that many couples choose to have their ceremony in one location. And then the reception somewhere else. This might be the ideal option for some and a logistic nightmare for others. Again, talk to a planner to see which venues work best for your needs! We’ve worked with a fair share of wedding planners in Antigua. So if you want any recommendations, please leave us a comment or send us an email!

~ Best Wedding Venues in Antigua Guatemala ~

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Hi Daniel, do you mind if I request the same from you? Looking for a venue for next year in March/April. Based on your pics and very helpful information think we have narrowed it down to a 2 venues. looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi Marion,

For sure! Could you send us an email at info@daniellopezperez.com? Let us know if you are interested in wedding planner recommendations, advice on venues, pricing, etc. and we will respond asap.

Thank you!

I am planning on getting married in Antigua in 2024. Do you have any recommendations for wedding planners? I live in Boston.

Thank you,

Hi Evelyn,

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Hi, I’m planning a wedding in Guatemala with my family…it’s a small group total of 6 people. I would like recommendations for a wedding planner! Or any recommendations for a photographer as well!

Hi Alexi!

Awesome, of course, could you send us an email to info@daniellopezperez.com or fill out the form in our contact page? We’ll send you recommendations & more info to your email.

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Hi Daniel!! I have been obsessed with your work since the moment my *now* fiance mentioned wanting a wedding in Antigua. We are officially engaged and were curious if you have any wedding planners you’d recommend? I am so excited and we are planning on something in 2024. You have truly found a way to capture the beauty of Guatemala!!

Nice and amazing post. I really appreciate you on good effort.

This is exactly what I was looking for! I will be renewing my vows in 2023 and we would like a destination wedding in Guatemala. I will be contacting wedding planners soon and this helped give better ideas on what I want. Your photos are beautiful, love your work!

So glad to help! Let us know if you need any recommendations for planners or other vendors in the city!

Thank you very much!

This article is perfection! Thank you so very much for all this information! Looking to get married in 2022 in Antigua. Any recommendations for wedding planners?

Love this article. What would be the cost to do a PHOTOSHOOT at Santa Clara ruins or at the ruins of la recolacion?

Hi Naomi,

Thanks for your question! Right now the ruins are charging 500 quetzales for photoshoots in Santa Clara or La Recoleccion. You can pay through the CNPAG office which is located in the ruins of Capuchinas or you can pay on the same day at the entrance of the ruins, so long as it’s not a Saturday or Sunday.

My name is Kari. I am a violinist and I love to play music for wedding ceremonies. Do know of any couples planning to get married who would like a classical violinist to play their wedding ceremony or cocktail hour?

I have played over 50 wedding ceremonies professionally both solo and in ensembles. I can accommodate requests for classical music or contemporary. I live and work as a nurse in the United States but I frequently visit Guatemala to visit my friends and family who live in Antigua and San Pedro. I would love to be of service to any couples who would like a violinist to play during in their wedding ceremony. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hi Kari,

Thanks for all of the info, if you send us an email with your contact information we can let you know when we have couples looking for music vendors!

Such beautiful pictures and great advice! I’ve been to antigua a few times and I haven’t even heard of some of these places—stunning!

Thanks so much Spenser, so happy our article was helpful and you could discover new places!

Hi, have you heard of Doña Maria Eventos? Its an open garden in antigua and its beautiful! Is surrounded by 3 churches and has a amazing views to the volcanoes and ruins.

Hey Demmi! No we haven’t but it’s good to know of other locations as well! We will have to look into that venue…thank you for the tip!