July 7, 2016

15 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding in Guatemala

Recently we ran across a great article on Huffington Post with reasons to have a destination wedding. After reading all these great reasons, we decided to narrow down the list to the benefits of having your destination wedding in Guatemala, since this unique country has so much to offer as a wedding destination.

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We are Daniel & Melissa, a couple of Wedding Photographers from Spain & the USA. We moved to Guatemala 9 years ago & started shooting weddings around 7 years ago. We are so grateful to how welcoming this country & it’s people have been to us that we want to share it with the World & hopefully convince couples to see the beauty in this country & choose it for their destination wedding. Weddings provide work for a lot of people. Bringing more weddings here & providing a means of income for them & their families is something that’s really important for us.

And without further ado…

Here are 15 reasons you should have your destination wedding in Guatemala:

1) Guatemala is an international, Award-Winning Wedding Destination

Award Winning Photo of couple laying down on top of chicken bus in Guatemala

2) Incredible natural settings

Even though Guatemala is a relatively small country, the landscape options range from sandy Caribbean beaches to high volcanic peaks. You can find quaint colonial towns like Antigua, enchanted green forests or ancient jungles, beautiful lakeside settings like on Lake Atitlan or golden sunsets on the Pacific. Whatever natural backdrop you’re looking for – Guatemala has it.

Indian couple posing in front of a classic car and a volcano in Antigua Guatemala

3) Unique wedding venues

In addition to beautiful natural settings for your destination wedding in Guatemala, the country also offers a number of unique wedding venues that could be the perfect location for your special day. In fact, recently four of Guatemala’s hotels were on a list of the 10 best hotels in Central America and the Caribbean by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. How about a wedding in a  lakeside villa with views of three majestic volcanoes? Think about a more rustic look of ancient ruins from an old, crumbled church. Can you see yourself saying “I Do” at a coffee finca or an avocado farm? Then Guatemala is the place for you.

Destination Wedding Photographer Guatemala

4) Guatemala is affordable

Your money goes a long way in Guatemala. In comparison with costly locations in Europe and the United States, you can expect to spend half the money you would spend on a cookie-cutter wedding in the US and other parts of North America. With the average USA wedding costing $31,000, it’s no wonder why you would look for a cheaper option. So instead of cutting important details like your preferred photographer or perfect wedding dress, you’ll be allowing yourself those extra special things by saving on venue costs, food, and transport in a country where you can get more bang for your buck.

5) Amazing weather

The only thing better than Guatemala’s pristine beauty is its weather. Known as the ¨Land of Eternal Spring¨ you can have flexibility when choosing your wedding date and plenty of time to plan ahead. From November to May is known as the dry season, with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27° Celsius) during the day and cooling down to the 60’s in the evening. From about May to October the rainy season takes place, but don’t be discouraged by the name. Most times the rainy season involves an hour or two of rain in the afternoons and beautiful sunsets to finish the day. With this rain comes the lush, green color of trees and other sorts of plant life that provide Guatemala with a vibrancy unlike any other. Looking for something a bit warmer? Head South towards the beaches of Monterrico and or go East to Livingston for an unforgettable seaside wedding. You can also find warmer temperatures in the dense jungles of Peten or on the salty shores of Rio Dulce.

6) Talented, professional wedding planners & vendors

As Guatemala’s tourism industry grows, so does its wedding industry. Talented, reliable, and stylish wedding planners are just an email away, waiting to organize everything from transport to food to decorations. Most of these planners speak English, so you won’t have to worry about getting your ideas across and fulfilled in a timely and organized manner. You can trust Gladys, from Saguzo Eventos or Carolina Mendez to create a picturesque event in one of Antigua’s many ruin sites, and count on Bea from Addy Florales or Paulo from Decor Guatemala to pull together a chic backdrop for your intimate ceremony and plan your event. These and many more are professionals who love what they do and do incredible work.

Wedding Photographer Antigua Guatemala

7) You can have a smaller, more intimate wedding

Along the lines of saving money, you’ll also cut costs and reduce your stress-level by slimming down your list of invitees and making sure that only your closest friends and family will be sharing your special day with you. Many couples complain that they never got a chance to really spend quality time with their guests because they were so busy greeting one person to the next. Why not take your time and enjoy each moment with the people who have traveled so far to celebrate with you? And why not enjoy those moments in a picturesque location that will give your guests a truly unforgettable experience?

Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala

8) Easy & safe transportation for you and your guests

Nowadays, as long as you have an internet connection you can coordinate most aspects of any wedding.  This definitely goes for planning a destination wedding in Guatemala.  Not only have Guatemala’s travel agencies made themselves easier to reach but some of them even allow you to book transport through their website.  You can book last-minute trips or adventures in advance.  Most of these agencies, like Atitrans, even have a 24-hour phone number in case you need to make last minute cancellations or modifications for shuttles and other transport.

Destination Wedding Photographer Antigua Guatemala

9) Opportunities to decompress for honeymooners

Once your amazing day has passed, Guatemala is the perfect place as a romantic honeymoon location. Spend your first days as newlyweds receiving massages, spa treatments, and simply relaxing in one of Guatemala’s beautiful resorts or hotels. Need a change of ambience? If you’ve just had your gorgeous wedding on Lake Atitlan, take a shuttle to Livingston for a Caribbean beach-side getaway. After your chic rustic celebration in Antigua, head to Monterrico for colorful, romantic sunsets on the Pacific Ocean. You can choose to relax or head out for a grand, newlywed adventure to the ruins of Tikal.  The honeymoon options are endless!

10) Create a memorable adventure for you and your guests during your wedding week (s)

Twenty years from now, you won’t want to look back at your wedding and just think, “Gee, that was a fun night.” You’d probably rather look back and think, “My wedding was such an ADVENTURE.” Your friends and family will have traveled by plane, bus, and maybe even by boat to arrive to your wedding, they will be immersed in a completely different culture, and see things they could never have imagined. Your wedding day won’t just be another excuse for a vacation, your wedding day will be an experience that will hold a place in you and your guests’ minds and hearts for years to come. Would you rather have your guests leave your wedding with a bag of goodies or would you rather have them leave with a new perspective and loads of stories to tell back home? If you need some help coordinating your wedding week make sure you contact Antigua Tours. desti

11) Vibrant local culture

If you decide to marry in Guatemala, you can expect happy smiles from the locals who truly enjoy sharing their gorgeous country with others. The local Maya culture is truly distinct and its history dates back thousands of years. Upon arrival, you’ll notice brightly colored textiles, handcrafted goods, and decorations that distinguish this culture from what you might expect in Central America. With over 23 different spoken languages in entire country, your experience here is bound to be unique.

12) Exciting adventurous activities

Worried about your guests getting bored during their stay? Guatemala boasts a wide variety of outdoor and adventure activities, including hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, zip-lining, and even paragliding. You can also get lost in the jungles of Northern Guatemala by exploring the world famous Tikal Mayan ruins. In addition to loads of tours and other excursions, you can help your guests make an adventure out of your wedding celebration. Coordinating trips is also super easy; with online access to bus and shuttle companies, the possibilities are unlimited!

13) Guatemala is growing

Tourism is the second biggest industry in Guatemala comprising nearly 15% of the country´s GDP. Over 2 million tourists visited Guatemala in 2013. This means that organizing, coordinating and planning every aspect of your wedding and trip to Guatemala is easier than ever. Since the late 90’s Guatemala’s tourism industry has grown by about 15% each year. Guatemala and its wedding vendors are connecting more via the internet. Pages like Perhaps You Need a Little Guatemala inspire visitors and locals by sharing photos and content that feature the many wonders of this incredible country. Even Martha Stewart weddings has noticed the huge potential that Guatemala has as a destination wedding location.  More and more visitors are discovering what makes this country such a special place and as such, more brides and grooms are finding it to be their ideal wedding location.

Wedding Photographer Antigua Guatemala 17

14) Delicious, high-quality cuisine

Since agriculture is also one of Guatemala’s biggest industries, delicious, fresh food is never too hard to find. With so many visitors, Guatemala’s culinary industry is also growing and adapting to different tastes and flavors. You can find cooks from Argentina grilling spiced meats, typical Guatemalan food and Japanese chefs rolling fresh sushi in places like Antigua and Panajachel. You can also find delicious Italian-made pizza and of course many locals who would love to whip up some traditional Guatemalan dishes for your wedding day. Is your mouth watering yet?

15) Gorgeous, colorful (and cheap) floral decorations

In addition to fresh, tasty food you’ll also find that the blooms in Guatemala are some of the rarest, most colorful on earth. Fresh roses and colorful orchids will bring an unmatched design element to your wedding. Also, since many of these flowers are grown here in Guatemala, finding the perfect floral decorations and blossoms for your bouquet and buttoniere will be easy, cheap, and fun. If you are in need of inspiration, connect with decorator Nestor Gamez for ideas.

destination wedding guatemala

16) Unforgettable wedding photographs 

By having your destination wedding in Guatemala, you can expect incredible wedding photographs to take home and treasure for a lifetime. We (among many other talented photographers) will record the essence of your adventure in Guatemala, as well as the important moments and details that will happen during your destination wedding. Our photos capture the unique location of Guatemala as well as the incredible weddings that take place here. We love this country and certainly consider ourselves lucky to call it home, so offering our photography services for weddings all over Guatemala is an absolute pleasure for us.

Drone Wedding Photo at Dock on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

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If you want more information, make sure you check all the articles we have written with information to help plan your wedding in Guatemala.

If you have any questions about our photography, vendors in Guatemala, or advice about how to plan your destination wedding in Guatemala, visit our contact page or send us an email at info@daniellopezperez.com

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