November 17, 2022

Wedding in Bordeaux- All about Wedding Venues Bordeaux

Bordeaux is calm, beautiful, and oozing with romance. That’s why it is such a good idea to plan your wedding in Bordeaux. But planning a wedding is kind of a big deal.

I know this sounds a little overwhelming. That’s why I am here. How about a little introduction first before we talk about having your wedding in Bordeaux?

A bit about us

I am Dani, deeply in love with Mishka, and both of us are a couple of destination wedding photographers from Murcia (Spain) & United States, that photograph wedding seasons in 2 different countries, Guatemala (Nov-Apr) and Spain (Apr-Oct).

So far we have photographed over 400 weddings, won many international awards and been featured in more than 30 international blogs. We were also named amongst the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by the Rangefinder Magazine in 2019. If you are not party of the wedding industry you might not know, but the Rangefinders awards are sort of the Oscars of wedding photography!

We have also traveled to Europe to photograph amazing weddings and the beautiful stories behind them. Bordeaux is one of the many places in France we’ve been to and fallen in love with along with Provence. Yeah, there are some amazing wedding venues in Provence too so if you’re exploring wedding venues in France consider exploring Provence as well.

Fortunately, we captured a wedding in Bordeaux too. The couple was absolutely lovely and covering their wedding event gave us another chance to celebrate love. How about I quickly brief you about that beautiful wedding in Bordeaux before we move on to discussing the wedding venues in Bordeaux? Let’s start then

Chris & Rosh – Wedding in Bordeaux

We met Chris & Rosh about 10 years ago, when we both worked at hotels on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We became friends sharing the ins and outs of working for hotels and we missed them when they left.

A couple of years later they came back and told us they were engaged. Since we had started doing weddings in the interim and wanted to build up our portfolio we immediately offered to do an engagement session. The session went great, we loved the way Chris & Rosh were playful with each other and they enjoyed our shooting style. So a few months later we got an
email from them asking if we would photograph their wedding in Bordeaux, France!

We jumped off our chairs in excitement & said yes! We decided to stay in Bordeaux for a month and explore the area for the occasion. Their wedding in Château Sentout, set in the heart of one of the best wine countries in France, was the cutest thing we have seen. Their families and friends stayed at the Château and you would see them cross paths and have a laugh celebrating Chris & Rosh’s lives & love. The day of the wedding was a mix of true emotions of all kinds.

We laughed, cried, stressed, and danced with them until the night ended.

Luckily, we also lend them our assistance in finding the perfect venue, planner, and caterer. This is why we do know a thing or two about wedding venues Bordeaux.

Vendors for Chris & Rosh’s Wedding in Bordeaux

Finding committed, skilled and helpful vendors can be quite an uphill task. Luckily, we found just the best lot in Bordeaux who were kind, supportive, and understanding. Most importantly, Chris and Rosh didn’t have to run after those vendors to get the job done.

Here’s some information about them:

Get in touch with them; maybe mention us and Rosh & Chris’s wedding in Bordeaux and you’ll get great services.

With that bit covered, let’s begin the journey of planning your wedding in Bordeaux. One of the most pressing concerns when getting married is choosing the venue. Well obviously too. That’s the place where you will tie the knot, have your ceremony and reception, host the guests and do everything else to rejoice in your love with your spouse. So yes, it is a big and important decision.

That’s why we start off with that. Also, a lot of the venues including the Bordeaux wedding venues do come with extra amenities and services such as wedding planners, wedding coordinators, caterers, and vendors for lighting, music, decorations, flower, hair, makeup, and the like.

Once your venue is finalized, you get to relieve a huge burden off your chest. So let’s dig in then, and talk about where to get married for your wedding in Bordeaux.

Where to Get Married in Bordeaux?

Nestling in the southwestern area of France lies the popular wine region that is bubbling with serenity and grace. Yes, I am talking about Bordeaux, and of course, will be sharing my thoughts on the wedding venues in Bordeaux France too.

Bordeaux is the sixth biggest city in France, and also holds the status of being the capital of Nouvelle-Aquitaine- a French region. It is a city full of adventure, beauty, elegance, vibrancy, and fun. Of course, its delicious wine is one of the city’s biggest attractions, especially for tourists. You’ll also find plenty of preserved historical sites and buildings there that make traveling the region quite a worthwhile experience. Think of getting married in one of the wedding venues Bordeaux close to the historical sites. Quite exciting init?

Bordeaux also has a very well-structured airport along with a technologically advanced public transport system. If you see it from the point of view of having your wedding, that’s quite an advantage because this means getting your guests to Bordeaux and having them travel around will be quite easy. Keeping in mind the ease of access of the venue from the airport, its location, its landscape, the different facilities it offers, and the kind of experience it brings, I have selected some of the finest wedding venues in Bordeaux.

Weddings in Bordeaux cannot go wrong because the city has such a large venue selection to offer. You’ll come across a wedding in Bordeaux taking place in all sorts of places such as:

  • Wineries
  • Hotels
  • Chateaus
  • Banquet halls
  • Historic venues
  • Meadows
  • Gardens

And each of these sites will seem perfect to you in its own way. That’s the charm of Bordeaux.

When it comes to picking the right place from the many wedding venues Bordeaux, pay attention to some important areas:


Do you feel some sort of special connection to the place? You want to feel happy where you get married, and that happiness oozes out of you when you feel connected to the venue. No, you don’t always need to be physically present in a place to sense that connection. Its description, images and presentation are often enough to make that decision.


Does the venue have enough area to accommodate all the festivities you plan on having? Is there a chapel nearby where you can have your ceremony? Or if you don’t wish to have it in a chapel, is there a spot where you can organize the main wedding ceremony? What about the reception and the party then? Will you have it in the same area, or an adjoining area? If you are opting for a wedding chateau in Bordeaux, will it be spacious enough to accommodate all your guests? It is crucial to ponder on these areas so you can decide on a venue that meets the desired criteria.


Does the venue have a favorable landscape according to the wedding festivities you have in mind? Does it have the views you wanted for your big day and especially the photographs? Is it going to be manageable for you to move around there all dressed up? When you look at any chateau in Bordeaux for wedding or another venue, these are the things you should keep in mind.


You’ll probably want to spend the night when you get married or have guests coming over who would need a place to stay over. Does that venue have accommodation? Or is there any sort of lodging available in its vicinity? Also, how many people can the venue accommodate? If you have fallen in love with a small venue for your wedding in Bordeaux that doesn’t have many rooms, but you’re inviting many guests over, you need to have a plan-B for their accommodation.

Ease of access

How is the wedding venue connected with the rest of the city? Is it easy to access? Can the vendors reach there conveniently? Is public transport easily available there? What about the other facilities such as the internet, telecommunication, etc.? Look into these things too because you really don’t want to have a chaotic situation right before your wedding day.

Keep these pointers in mind, and assess the following venues accordingly.

Best Wedding Venues in Bordeaux

You are in love. You are with someone who understands and accepts you, and someone you feel the same way about. You know how much that person means to you. And now you are ready to move a step ahead with the love of your life and tie the knot with him/ her. You want the wedding destination to be as beautiful as the love you two share, and that’s why you are thinking of Bordeaux as your destination wedding venue.

Let me tell you one thing loud and clear: your destination choice is brilliant!

I’ll be digging into the details of these venues too, one by one, for your wedding in Bordeaux. I also did something else. Just to help you make a more well-thought-out decision, I have categorized each of the wedding venues Bordeaux into:

  • Venue type
  • Capacity
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Website link

So here’s my selection.

Small wedding venues Bordeaux

1. Chateau Gassies

Set in a lovely location just 5 minutes away from Bordeaux, Chateau Gassies overlooks the Garonne river and the city. It is a really pretty wedding chateau in Bordeaux that once served as a vineyard. It has many spots that you can consider for your ceremony and reception. Not to forget, it is laced with views that will make your wedding photos come out amazing!

The chateau has great customer service and hospitality that will make your stay and wedding celebrations there quite a breeze.

Source: Chateau Gassies


Chateau Gassies is a beautiful chateau that has witnessed many wedding celebrations.


It can accommodate around 150 people (seated) and about 200 people (standing.)


Having a wedding in Chateau Gassies will roughly cost between €20,000 and 50,000, and can even go higher depending on the guests you invite, the package, and the extra services you get.


Chateau Gassies is situated at 26 Rte de Brun, 33360 Latresne, France.


Here’s what Chateau Gassies has to offer:

  • Beautifully decorated rooms
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Tennis court
  • Amazing views
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Quiet surroundings
  • Guest houses

Learn More about the Venue

2. Chateau de la Valouze

Want a luxurious chateau in Bordeaux for wedding? Look no more for Chateau de la Valouze is just the exquisite venue you want for a gorgeous, regal wedding. Sitting right in the center of an extravagant estate, De La Valouze is a charming mansion with a very fairytale-like appeal.

If you are someone who has always fantasized a royal-themed wedding, or one pictured in fairytales, you will find de la Valouze to be your perfect match. It has parks, gardens, barn and a variety of landscapes graced with trees that bring a lot of character to your wedding photos, and are also great props to pose around.

Chateau de la Valouze


De La Valouze is yet another wedding chateau in Bordeaux famous for hosting weddings, engagements and other celebrations.


It has accommodation for 61 guests to sleep, and can host a wedding of around 150 people.


Staying and having your wedding in Chateau de la Valouze will come at an expense of around €30,000 or more largely depending on the number of people you invite, arrangements you have, and the nights you and your guests stay over.


De La Valouze is located at Château de la Valouze, 24490 La Roche-Chalais, France.


It has the following features and amenities:

  • Rooms for 61 guests
  • Bridal suite
  • Balcony overlooking a lovely park
  • Food and beverages
  • Parking facility
  • 3 lakes with scenic views
  • Barn area that can sit around 150 people

Learn More about the Venue

3. Chateau De La Ligne

De La Ligne is one of the most idyllic venues for having a wedding in Bordeaux. Resting in the heart of the region’s countryside, this is a Renaissance styled chateau that can comfortably tend to your needs as well as those of your guests.

It is spread over many acres of stunning vineyards harboring many grape varieties. Plus if you and your spouse-to-be are a wine fans, you’ll get to indulge in quite a number of wine varieties there. You can order the same for your wedding party too and pose with your love, arm in arm. Another pro feature of De La Ligne is that its management has years of experience in organizing weddings, so you can rest assured about your wedding going smoothly there.

Source: Chateau De La Ligne


De La Ligne is a château and one of the most popular wedding venues in Bordeaux, France.


It can host a wedding of about 80 to 100 guests.


Organizing a wedding in De La Ligne will cost you around €25,000 to €60,000 depending on the number of guests you invite as well as days you stay over.


De La Ligne is located at 0 Rte de l’Entre Deux Mers, 33360 Lignan-de-Bordeaux, France.


Have a relaxing time at De La Ligne with the following facilities and amenities:

  • Well-decorated and comfortable rooms
  • Free parking facility
  • High-speed internet
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Free breakfast
  • Walking tours of the chateau
  • Babysitting service
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Complimentary toiletries

Learn More about the Venue

4. Chateau Lagorce

Chateau Lagorce is one of those wedding venues Bordeaux that you can never have enough of. If you are a romantic at heart who enjoys scenic beauty, and wants to have a memorable wedding in Bordeaux, this is the place for you. Its terraces are one of its hottest attractions wherein you can have your after-wedding party and drinks with guests. It is surrounded by forests, lakes and meadows that you will have a fantastic time touring around with your partner and guests.


It is a really romantic wedding chateau in Bordeaux that can really help you have a seamless wedding.


It has rooms enough to accommodate 22 people, and can otherwise seat about 100 or more people for a wedding celebration.


Staying and organizing a wedding here would cost around €30,000 to €60,000.


Chateau Lagorce is situated at D239, 33550 Haux, France.


It is one of the most amazing wedding venues Bordeaux and has the following amenities:

  • Beautifully set and comfortable rooms
  • Spectacular views
  • Grand dining room
  • Library
  • Breakfast room that seats 25 people
  • Great hospitality
  • Terraces that overlook vineyards

Learn More about the Venue

5. Chateau Peyronnet

Peyronnet is yet another excellent venue to plan your wedding in Bordeaux. It is especially a great venue if you are someone who enjoys neoclassical styled architecture. Your wedding must be fun and relaxing for you. I know it can be difficult to stay calm amidst all the wedding hoopla and tasks you got to do, but if you’re staying at Peyronnet, its calming vibe will take over you. Plus, its staff is really helpful and qualified so you will have quite a smooth experience there.

Chateau Peyronnet


It is a really nice and comfortable chateau in Bordeaux for wedding where you can enjoy, relax and celebrate with your partner.


Your wedding in Bordeaux at Peyronnet will roughly cost around €25,000 to €65,000 depending primarily on the number of guests you have over, and the nights you spend at the chateau.


You can easily accommodate about 150 guests for your wedding in Bordeaux here.


Chateau Peyronnet is located on 172 Av. de la Garonne, 33440 Saint-Louis-de-Montferrand, France.


Peyronnet is a great wedding venue and comes with the following services:

  • Relaxing accommodation for guests
  • On-site restaurant
  • Concierge
  • Parking area
  • Kitchenette with rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Refundable rooms

Learn More about the Venue

Quite a decent selection you have now to choose from. The venues I just discussed are some of the wedding venues Bordeaux for big weddings. If you and your partner are leaning more towards a warm, cozy wedding with only your closest people, why not choose one of the small wedding venues in Bordeaux?

Small Wedding Venues Bordeaux

Your wedding should be exactly how you want it to be. It is your special day so it is important you celebrate it just how you like. Big fan of small, intimate weddings? How about you consider one of these small wedding venues Bordeaux.

6. Chateau de Brives

Fancy a private, secluded wedding, away from the rest of the world? In that case, you are going to adore Chateau de Brives. A cozy mansion with a chic vibe and gorgeous interior, this wedding chateau in Bordeaux offers scenic views, comfortable experience, and a whole lot of privacy.

It has the village church in it that is quite an appropriate place to have your wedding ceremony. It’s small, antique and so beautiful. Imagine saying ‘I do’ to your love in that unique spot to cement your love forever.

Chateau de Brives


De Brives is a chateau steeped in a lot of history that makes it one of the historical sites of Bordeaux, and quite an apt wedding venue if you’re a history enthusiast.


De Brives has rooms for about 18 people. And as far as accommodating your guests for the wedding is concerned, it has a capacity for about 90 people. So it’s just the right wedding chateau in Bordeaux for a small to medium-sized wedding.


It will cost you around €25,000 and above to have your wedding in De Brives chateau in Bordeaux for wedding.


Château de Brives is located on Rte de l’Oumarie, 17800 Brives-sur-Charente, France.


It has the following features and amenities:

  • Comfortable rooms
  • Lovely location and views
  • Good hospitality
  • Private location

Learn More about the Venue

7. Chateau Des Marquis

A medieval chateau located right in the hub of the French Loire Valley, Chateau Des Marquis is a charming mansion with an all-embracing appeal. It is best known for having intimate weddings. So if you and your partner want a nice, private wedding without the interference of the outside world, this is your place to be in.


It is a lovely, intimate wedding chateau in Bordeaux, perfect for small celebrations.


It can sleep about 39 to 43 people, and accommodate about 100 people for a wedding celebration, but you can have small weddings here easily too.


Having a wedding here will cost you around €20,000 for a small wedding and can go up to €70,000 if you decide to have more guests over.




It is one of the warmest wedding venues Bordeaux and has the following amenities:

  • Private pool
  • Nicely decorated rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Friendly for kids
  • Wine tasting
  • Parking area
  • Pretty landscape

Learn More about the Venue

8. Chateau Du Doux

Overlooking the serene Dordogne valley located on the southern side of Correze rests Chateau Du Doux. I talked to a lot of people in Bordeaux regarding small wedding venues in Bordeaux, France, and many of them recommended Du Doux to me. It has many spots for capturing great photos. And since it is in a secluded spot, you really can have the time of your life.

Chateau Du Doux


Du Doux is a really nice wedding chateau in Bordeaux that is best known for private weddings.


It has a capacity to host a wedding of 85 guests.


A one-day wedding celebration with ceremony and under 50 guests will cost about €18,000.


It is located in Château du Doux, 19120 Altillac, France.


It is one of the most amazing wedding venues Bordeaux and has the following amenities:

  • Cozy and luxurious rooms
  • Vineyards
  • Lovely landscape
  • Parking area
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Excellent hospitality
  • Free Wi-Fi

Learn More about the Venue

These are some of the best wedding venues Bordeaux that you’ll come across. I suggest you spend some time studying them with your partner to put your best foot down.
Once you cover the venue aspect, you’ll find yourself worrying about photography…

Wedding Photography is Left Though…

You are going to have an absolutely phenomenal time at your wedding in Bordeaux. This is a given because the city and its venues are brilliant. But when that is over, you’ll want to relive the day again. That’s where captures from the day come in handy.

When you’ve been planning everything so well, you wouldn’t want to risk your wedding photos. This is why I always recommend couples having a destination wedding to go for a destination wedding photographer because they are more professional and experienced with capturing the uniqueness of the destination while rejoicing the love of the couple.

Not to forget their prices are clear and fixed so you won’t be charged extra, or be surprised with hidden fees.

We Can Help You With That…

As I discussed above, I had quite a ball at Chrish and Rosh’s wedding in Bordeaux with Mishka. I am positive we can create an even more intimate and memorable experience for your wedding in Bordeaux.

Mishka and I find joy in doing wedding photography. It is something we are good at, and feel happy doing too. Also since we embrace and celebrate diversity, we have photographed diverse couples in our signature documentary and fine-arts styled photography. Our photos are honest, fun, special, beautiful, candid, and bold because that’s how our couples are, and that’s what we reflect in their shoot.

We’d love to create magic at your wedding in Bordeaux with our photography too. Let’s discuss this further on a call.