August 21, 2022

Anna & Jacob ~ Wedding at Villa Bokeh, Antigua Guatemala

Wedding at Villa Bokeh in Antigua Guatemala

“How weird do y’all wanna get?” We asked.

“Let’s get fuckin’ weird” They said. 

And so we did. 

Anna & Jacob’s interdimensional, eclectic wedding at Villa Bokeh in Antigua Guatemala is one that will stand out in our minds likely forever. Their approach to their wedding vows, the costumes, the shout out to their cats, just everything that you can and cannot imagine that would be a part of a wedding day was all there. Plus, cowboy boots. 

We met this stunning couple during their engagement shoot literally months before Covid shut Guatemala down to tourists, you can check their engagement session on our website here. We knew little about them before we met them in person, but quickly clicked when they said they wanted their wedding to look like something out of Art Forum magazine. Anna & Jacob both exude style, design and creativity. They were up for anything and we knew that this was the opportunity to try new things and see where this creative freedom would take us. Which is why we were so sad when their wedding was postponed after the pandemic started. 

When the country finally opened back up and Anna and Jacob were finally able to reschedule their wedding, we were elated to learn that they had switched venues to Villa Bokeh, the newest and most luxurious wedding venue in Guatemala. Villa Bokeh is a restored chateau just outside of Antigua, Guatemala, which rests below the gaze of majestic Agua volcano. This will be the second Relais & Chateaux location in Guatemala, joining a group of 450 luxury hotels in the world that will carry this distinction of elegance. It’s basically incredibly beautiful. 

Then we found out that Anna & Jacob also hired and granted creative freedom to one of our favorite industry buds, Bea from Addy Florales. Our jaws dropped as we arrived to Villa Bokeh that day, we wandered around taking in all of the psychedelic and colorful details. Disco balls, neon lights, FLAMINGOES, are you kidding me?

But nothing paled in comparison to the moment that Anna and Jacob were finally at the altar, ready to start their wedding vows. Rather than the traditional speech or monologue by each of the couples, they decided to use a ritual of questions that they had started using earlier in their relationship. They took turns asking each other the following four questions, 10 times in a row, in front of all of their wedding guests : 

  • What do you really want?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What do you love about me?
  • What are you committing to?

After each response to each question, the asker would then say “Thank You.” Anna & Jacob used this as a means to find connection, honesty and vulnerability with each other in the exact moment that their lives became one. Absolute presence. Completely open with each other. We hear so many wedding vows, each with their own personal touch and meaning, but these vows have been replaying in our heads for the last few months since we shot this wedding. As Mishka and I approach our own five-year anniversary, we intend to ask each other these same questions. 

Our marriage is a gift. 

This wedding was a gift. 

Thank you so much Anna & Jacob for this beautiful gift.


Wedding Venue: Villa Bokéh

Wedding Planner: Tropical Occasions

Decor: Addy Florales

Make-Up: Estudio T Makeup

Dress: Ines Di Santo Luxury Wedding Dresses

Shoes: Schutz

Jewelry: Christie Nicolaides

Lighting: Blessure

DJ: DJ A Train

Food: Villa Bokéh

Invitations: Postcards from GUA Airport

Wedding at Villa Bokeh in Antigua Guatemala

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