June 15, 2021

Anna & Jacob ~ Engagement Session in Antigua Guatemala

Engagement Session in Antigua Guatemala // Our job lets us express ourselves creatively in so many ways like taking photos & writing these blog posts. We get to scratch that creativity itch that most people only dream about. But when a couple of artists come along and ask you for something different for their engagement photos, we do a little happy dance to ourselves. We love the challenge of thinking up new ideas for spaces that we work in constantly. 

Anna & Jacob are both artists out of LA, and while their wedding has been postponed due to covid, we at least got a chance to photograph their engagement session in Antigua Guatemala. They didn’t want the common, romantic style of photos. While they loved a few smiley, “cheesy” photos for their families, they wanted to try something “that looked like something found in Art Forum magazine,” as Jacob said.  This means that we got to let go of how we normally work and challenge ourselves to make art, rather than just pretty photographs. We ran, we climbed, we crawled, all while laughing and spending a beautiful afternoon during this engagement session in Antigua Guatemala. We even made our way to the bus station to take some drone pics on the top of chicken buses. This session was nothing short of a creative dream for us. 

We were so grateful to create something new Ana & Jacob, and we know that once their wedding day comes, their celebration is bound to be unique.

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