Jesus & LorenaWedding in Murcia, Spain

Wedding Photographer Murcia // We try to make it back home to both the US and Spain at least once a year to visit our family. We go home usually around May or June, to catch the summer of the US and Spain, when it’s generally the rainy season here in Guatemala. Although we are based in Antigua, Guatemala, we love to have the chance to shoot weddings and do other work in new places. So when Lorena asked us to be her wedding photographer in my (Daniel’s) hometown of Murcia, Spain, we jumped at the opportunity. wedding photographer murcia

Murcia is in the southeast of Spain, a desertic and mountainous area famous for amazing lemons and olives, among many other things. Murcia is right next to Andalucia, which means that there is a bit of Flamenco influence there as well. Jesus’ family is from Andalucia so Lorena wanted to include some of this influence in her wedding, with her gorgeous mermaid-styled dress and a single bright red rose as a bouquet. During the evening of their wedding day, Jesus’ sister also performed a Flamenco dance for the couple which brought both of them to tears. wedding photographer murcia

In addition to the gorgeous setting of their wedding at El Monasterio de Los Jeronimos, we also took a walk around the centre of Murcia.  We took some beautiful wedding portraits in front of Murcia’s Cathedral, which features a variety of old architectural styles and beautiful sculptures. There were so many good places to shoot!

It was such an honor and privilege to cover a wedding in my hometown. It was also fun to look at my city with new eyes and really appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of where I grew up. Thank you Lorena & Jesus for allowing me to share such an awesome day with you and for giving me the chance to document such an beautiful event. wedding photographer murcia

And a big thanks to Antonio Marquez for your help as a second photographer for this wedding & to Pilu Delgado of Dream Events for your help in coordination and planning. We couldn’t have done all of this without you both!

~ Wedding Photographer Murcia ~

Click here if you’d like to see another photo session that we did on the gorgeous beaches of Murcia.




The 15 Best Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan in 2020

Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala // Over the years, while photographing weddings on Lake Atitlan, we’ve talked to many of our clients about why they choose to get married here. Usually the phrases “favorite place in the world” or “world’s most beautiful lake” eventually come up  during these conversations. There are so many reasons to get married in Guatemala, and this lake stands alone as a reason itself. It’s gorgeous scenery and stunning backdrops create some incredible weddings photos and amazing experiences for couples and their guests. So we wanted to create a list of venues to make the process easier for our clients planning a destination wedding on Lake Atitlan. W

Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Below is a list of recommended venues on Lake Atitlan. If you want more information on how to plan a wedding in Guatemala, make sure you check the rest of our articles we have written with advice for weddings in Guatemala. A quick disclaimer, we have not photographed weddings at every location on this list. Those venues where we have NOT photographed a wedding will be marked with an asterisk.*  If you want examples of weddings from a particular venue, it’s best to get in touch with them directly. This is just a guide for folks looking for more information on where to get married on Lake Atitlan. We are not responsible for anyone’s experience or interaction with any of these locations or their employees.

If you are looking for information for getting married in Antigua, Guatemala, you can find a list of the best wedding venues in Antigua here.

***Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a list of wedding vendors on Lake Atitlan***

The 15 Best Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala ~ HOTELS

Hotel Atitlan (Panajachel)

Event Capacity : 500  Sleep Capacity : 120
(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Hotel Atitlan)

Destination Wedding Hotel Atitlan Guatemala Hotel Atitlan Wedding Photographer Drone Shot Wedding Hotel Atitlan Guatemala Wedding Photographer Hotel Atitlan Guatemala

Hotel Atitlan is one of the most sought-after locations on the lake, because of it’s size and comfortable accommodation for hosting weddings. At certain points of the year, there can be 2 or 3 weddings happening on the same day at Hotel Atitlan, so needless to say, they know what they’re doing. Weddings usually take place in a lake-front grassy area, with terraced seating. . For photos, the sprawling botanical gardens offer a wide-range of backdrops for some amazing snapshots, making this hotel one of the best wedding venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

With onsite catering and decorators, a wedding at Hotel Atitlan can be organized by their in-house wedding staff. They are also located in their own bay (known as the Riviera Atitlan.) That means that your wedding can last until the wee hours of the night if you want it to . Hotel Atitlan also boasts one of the best views on the lake, since the hotel faces the direction of Atitlan’s incredible sunsets. Be warned that the wedding staff at Hotel Atitlan are known for taking their time answering emails, but if you decide to get married there they do an amazing job.

Casa Palopo (Santa Catarina)*

Event Capacity : 200  Sleep Capacity : 18

Casa Palopo Atitlan Guatemala

Casa Palopo has been famed as an incredible boutique hotel in Santa Catarina Palopo. This hotel is famous for its infinity pool overlooking the lake’s three volcanoes. Hundreds of couples have gotten engaged in this cozy hotel, because of its amazing views and private location. Located just a few minutes drive from Panajachel, Casa Palopó grants easy access to guests coming from outside the lake basin.

With an incredible open deck, Casa Palopó can host up to 200 wedding guests. Overflow guests can stay in nearby hotels in Panajachel or rentals in Santa Catarina. There is also an incredible, naturally-lit restaurant that is able to serve a buffet-style menú to a big group. Sit-down dinners are available for weddings with 30 or fewer guests. For an intimate ceremony or a larger celebration, Casa Palopó is a gorgeous option for a wedding on Lake Atitlan.

Casa del Mundo (Jaibalito)

Event Capacity : 50   Sleep Capacity : 50
(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Casa del Mundo)

Engagement Photographer Lake Atitlan GuatemalaWedding Couple skips down dock on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Built into the sturdy edge of a cliff-side, Casa del Mundo has become a favorite for brides and grooms from abroad. The incredible stonework and patios offer a wide-variety of options for ceremony locations, including a deck at lake level. The hotel is constructed into the rock on a cliffside so nearly all vantage points have lakeviews. That includes the view from the jacuzzi 😉 This also means, however, that there is definitely some stair-climbing involved while staying at Casa del Mundo, so keep that in mind for any older guests or guests in wheelchairs.

Casa del Mundo also offers their own on-site catering, which makes the planning process that much easier for brides and grooms.  They also have kayaks and nearby hikes so for a multi-day wedding, this would be a great option. Their local staff can also help with decoration and logistics to make sure that your big day unfolds perfectly.

Jardines del Lago (Panajachel)

Event Capacity : 400    Sleep Capacity : 102
(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Jardines del Lago)

Wedding Ceremony location on Lake Atitlan Destination Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan

Located on the lakefront just in front of Panajachel, Jardines del Lago is one of the easiest-accessed venues on Lake Atitlan. They offer planners to help you organize and bring all of your wedding vendors right to the shore of Lake Atitlan. They provide enclosed tents or open-air reception locations in one of their gorgeous gardens, but one of their signature locales for ceremonies is the dock that literally floats on the water, ensuring incredible views for more intimate ceremonies. The dock can also serve as a pick-up spot for couples who wish to host their cocktail hours on one of two-leveled boats that carry you and your guests on an tour of Lake Atitlan at sunset. Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

Jardines del Lago also has its own kitchen and on-site catering, so bringing outside food isn’t necessary. The rooms are also right next to where the receptions take place, so guests won’t need to drive or take extra transport to arrive to bed after a long night of dancing.

Laguna Lodge (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 50    Sleep Capacity : 18
(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Laguna Lodge)

Destination Wedding Laguna Lodge Guatemala Destination Wedding Laguna Lodge GuatemalaWedding Venue Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Famed for being on of the most ecological hotels in the world, Laguna Lodge offers a truly “off-the-grid” experience. This doesn’t mean, however, that luxury and comfort have been thrown out the window. This boutique hotel sits at the edge of the water, sturdily built with all the comforts of a five-star hotel.

They have a beautiful, wooden dock right on the water, perfect for intimate ceremonies with incredible views of the volcanoes. Their solar-heated hot tub and all-vegetarian restaurant means that you’ll be minimizing your carbon footprint during your stay.  The property also includes a nature reserve behind the hotel, with incredible look-outs and hikes within minutes.

With a restaurant and fully-stocked bar as part of the hotel, there is no need for outside catering. All the while your guests will enjoy beautiful stone-built rooms with king size beds, all with lake views and gorgeous décor. Laguna Lodge is the perfect place for nature lovers and weddings at this eco-haven are truly one-of-a-kind.

Hotel Eco Bambu (Santiago)*

Event Capacity : 250    Sleep Capacity : 30

@Photo by Hotel Bambú

Sitting underneath the watchful eyes of both Volcan Toliman and San Pedro, right on the water is Hotel Eco Bambu. Bambu is an ecological oasis near Santiago, Atitlan, one of the most culturally rich villages around Lake Atitlan. Bambu’s owner has given his personal touch to the hotel’s beautiful, expansive gardens, which can surround your wedding near the water’s edge.

The buildings at Hotel Bambu also have a rustic, local feel. The architecture and design elements we have used a traditional Tz’utujil village design. The restaurant can serve a wide-range of homemade dishes in a comfortable enclosed restaurant, equipped to cook for all of your guests. The staff at Bambu can help you personalize an event to create an unforgettable wedding celebration.

La Fortuna (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 24    Sleep Capacity : 10-14

Elopement Lake Atitlan Guatemala Small destination wedding GuatemalaGet Married on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Tucked away in its own private valley, La Fortuna is the perfect quiet getaway for small weddings. The hotel is right on the water and has it’s rooms are hidden in the greenery behind the main reception area. There are three bungalow suites and two petite bungalows, all made of natural materials. All of these bungalows offer the luxury of hot showers and incredibly comfortable beds. The restaurant serves all sorts of international cuisine, which is prepared in their industrial-sized kitchen. The kitchen can also be rented by outside caterers.

Everything is powered by the sun and the seclusion of the location ensures a vacation experience. La Fortuna has also been named one the best honeymoon hotels in the world, so you can start enjoying your honeymoon immediately after your big day.

La Casa Zapote (San Marcos)

Event Capacity : 75  Sleep Capacity : 10 (5 couples)
(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Casa Zapote)

Destination Wedding San Marcos La Laguna Atitlan Wedding Photographer San Marcos La Laguna Wedding San Marcos La Laguna

La Casa Zapote is one of the newer additions to the wedding options on the lake. It’s a 15-minute hike up from central San Marcos. After the walk through forests and coffee fields, your guests will find themselves in the middle of nature. The structures feature a variety of local building techniques, including adobe, super adobe and natural wood and stone construction. With 5 different rooms, you will have options for your guests that wish to stay the night. Other guests can find more options back in the town of San Marcos.

As for food, you know you will be well-taken care of. La Casa Zapote restaurant includes three kitchens, two grills and a full bar, as well as a stage for live music and various lounging areas throughout the property. The venue has an on-site farm to table restaurant and many of the ingredients come from their own gardens. The owners also collaborate with talented international chefs to create unique, foodie experiences for brides and grooms that prioritize the culinary aspect of their event.

Isla Verde (Santa Cruz) ~This venue has limited availability for certain times of the year~

Event Capacity : 50  Sleep Capacity : 32 
(Click here to see a wedding we photographed at Isla Verde)

Wedding Ceremony Location Lake Atitlan Destination Wedding Lake Atitlan GuatemalaDestination Wedding Lake Atitlan Guatemala

This chic little hotel is located in sleepy Santa Cruz, which is inaccessible by road. It’s rustic décor and design make a perfect location for couples searching for something simple but beautiful. There are a few different spaces at Isla Verde where wedding ceremonies can take place. One is an enclosed yoga studio and another is a green-roofed bamboo space, pictured above. However, the favorite is the open-air deck, that floats 3 meters above the water’s edge.

Your guests can sleep in one of the cozy cabins built up the mountainside, all with incredible sunrise views. There are also lower suites for guests not willing or able to make the climb. Although Isla Verde allows outside catering, the hotel is equipped with a full kitchen and staff that serve homemade, delicious “slow food,” which has earned them fame amongst locals living on the lake. Our particular favorites are their nachos and open-faced, tomato onion grilled cheese sandwich 🙂

Hotel Toliman (San Lucas)*

Event Capacity : 150    Sleep Capacity : 50-60

Wedding Photographer Lake Atitlan Guatemala

On the grounds of a former coffee finca, in less-visited San Lucas, sits Hotel Tolimán. The magnificent views and extensive lawns and gardens are perfect for an outdoor ceremony.  There is also a breezy, elegant and spacious restaurant and deck which are perfect for banquets and dancing. If you let this family run hotel know what your dream wedding looks like, they can adapt their spaces to your ideals, convenience and budget. 

Hotel Toliman prepares food with the highest standards of quality and freshness, and much of the produce comes from their sustainable organic garden right on site.  You will be dazzled by the flavors and presentation. The owners and staff love sharing their secluded paradise with wedding parties and volcanic views are in abundance, since San Lucas sits right in the foothills of Volcan Toliman and Atitlan. 

The Best Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala ~ RENTALS~

Casa Valdres (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 50   Sleep Capacity : 10
(click here to see a wedding that took place at Casa Valdres and Villa Eggedal)

Small Wedding Lake Atitlan Guatemala Small Wedding Lake Atitlan Guatemala

This rental is a three-story, Norwegian built home with stunning terraces and views from every room. Surrounded by lush gardens, this venue is located in quiet Santa Cruz, about 10 minutes from the public dock.  Equipped with a large kitchen and swimming pool, this rental is perfect for smaller weddings. It’s also a very comfortable rental for kids and multiple families.

This locale, combined with Villa Eggedal below, is a great option for a full day event. The two houses can be rented through the same staff, so you can have multiple options on ceremony locations, getting ready locations, etc.

Villa Eggedal (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 50   Sleep Capacity : 26
(click here to see a wedding that took place at Casa Valdres and Villa Eggedal)

House Rental Lake AtitlanIntimate Wedding Reception at a Rental Home in GuatemalaDestination Wedding Venue Lake Atitlan

Located just above Casa Valdres is Villa Eggedal, with huge sprawling gardens and loads of quiet, green areas perfect for hosting an intimate ceremony. The villa contains various rooms and houses. Up to 26 of your guests can sleep on the grounds, which includes a pool and hangout area. Guests that overflow the rental have 3 other large houses within a few minutes’ walk.

Villa Eggedal would be great for a week-long celebration, with many activities on the lake within walking distance. You can treat yourself and your guests to a mini-vacation!

Casa Pamakanya (Jaibalito)

Event Capacity : 25      Sleep Capacity : 13
(Click here to see an elopement we shot at Casa Pamakanya)

Elopement Lake Atitlan GuatemalaPhotographer Lake Atitlan GuatemalaElopement Lake Atitlan Guatemala

This unique house is found hidden away in the hills next to Jaibalito, which is only accessible by boat. The houses contain various different structures and gardens that are great for hosting intimate weddings. We recommend this location for elopements in Guatemala, for instance. This terraced home has garden and volcanic views from plenty of patios and deck areas. At Pamakanya you can also enjoy your own private dock for swimming and plenty of hammocks to relax in after you say “I do.”

While renting this gorgeous house, you can also hire a private, local cook from Jaibalito. The cook can make breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to 25 people. The owners also have connections for serving staff from the local village. But if you’re looking for something specific, the venue allows for outside caterers.

Casa de Larry (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 70      Sleep Capacity : 12

Wedding Rental Lake Atitlan Guatemala Small Wedding Venue Lake Atitlan Destination Wedding Photographer Lake AtitlanWedding Venue with Bar on Lake Atitlan

La Casa de Larry is a colorful rental home right on the water in Santa Cruz. This place is perfect for brides and grooms looking for a fun and simple option for their venue. What used to be a restaurant on the water has since been converted into a lakeside bar, complete with on-tap beer and a jacuzzi right next to the water.

The palapa deck is a great location right on the water for a small ceremony. A bar just below the palapa deck is essentially an open-air bar that would function perfectly for a reception. Outside caterers here are a must, although depending on the time of year the house-staff can provide beverages.

La Kzona Atitlan (Santa Cruz)

Event Capacity : 100      Sleep Capacity : 14

Photos courtesy of Scarlett B Photography

La Kzona (pronounced ca-SOHN-ah) is an eco-lodge outside of Santiago Atitlan with waterfront access. There are two houses on the property, a larger A-frame house and a small stone cabin right on the water’s shore. The small cabin would be a perfect locale for getting ready pictures. The property also has a large green garden space perfect for events of 100 or less.

The rental also includes a small pool and a lakeside fire pit, which works great for events that go later into the night. Delicious food can be provided by Kzona or brought from outside of the venue.

Leave us a comment!

Feel free to write a comment below or contact us if you have any specific questions or need answers regarding any of these wedding venues on Lake Atitlan!

Wedding Vendors on Lake Atitlan

Check out our following list of trusted wedding vendors on Lake Atitlan :

Wedding Planners
Hair Stylist
Transport Assistance
Cake / Desserts
Live Musicians
  • Jesse Schauben (Both English & Spanish – can do bilingual ceremonies) –
  • Leeann Heinbaugh (English preferred, but can do Spanish ceremonies with enough notice) – Whatsapp 4053-8006

Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

~ Wedding Venues on Lake Atitlan Guatemala ~

Jenn & JuanWedding at Convent of las Capuchinas ~ Antigua, Guatemala

Wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala // Jenn & Juan’s beautiful, effortless wedding day took place at Las Capuchinas, the ruins of 17th Century church and convent in Antigua, Guatemala. We spent the morning laughing and chatting with Jenn’s family, who were all first-time visitors to Guatemala. The casual demeanor of the bride and groom set everyone at ease, as we made our way eventually to the convent. wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

As the ceremony began, the tears began to fall as these two incredible families became one in the green gardens of Capuchinas. The families placed their hands on the newlyweds and gave their final prayers and blessings that ended the quiet ceremony. wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

We wandered around Antigua for a bit with the newlyweds, whose smiles and affection shined through in the photos. We cannot thank these two enough for allowing us to come along on their amazing day, and we know that their future will definitely be bright and full of lots of laughter. wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

Venue : Las Capuchinas in Antigua, Guatemala
Dress : White by Vera Wang
Hair : Fringe Salon Guatemala
MakeUp : Rosanella Makeup
Decor : Patricia Betancourt
Catering : Porta Hotel Antigua
Lighting/Entertainment : Valentin Gramajo
Tables/Linens : Uniquo

Hit Play for music 🙂 (Bon Iver – Skinny Love)

Groom getting ready guatemala wedding cake guatemala photo session capuchinas antigua first look capuchinas antigua guatemala first look antigua family formals capuchinas antigua bridesmaids antigua guatemala Groomsmen Clothes Guatemala boutonniere guatemala Wedding Venues Antigua Guatemala Wedding Capuchinas Convent Antigua Guatemala Boda Convento Capuchinas Antigua Capuchinas Wedding Antigua Capuchinas Wedding Photos Antigua Capuchinas Wedding Session Photos Convento Capuchinas Fotos Fotos Boda Capuchinas Ruinas Convento Capuchinas Bodas en las Capuchinas wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala Photographer Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Photographer wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 02 Sesion de Fotos Antigua Guatemala wedding dessert guatemala wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 01 wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala wedding reception capuchinas antigua wedding cake guatemala bouquet toss guatemala fiesta boda capuchinas guatemala

If you want us to shoot your wedding please tell us more about you on the following page and we will get back at you as soon as possible,

– Wedding at Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala –

Erin & NickEngagement Session at La Merced ~ Antigua

We had such an eventful afternoon with these two! To start, Melissa tripped and fell on a piece of rebar (and cut her hand open), then Nick got sunscreen in his eyes and finally, we got photobombed by a dog and a guy with a selfie stick! Nevertheless, Erin & Nick kept smiles on their faces as we wandered around the ruins of La Merced and the streets of Antigua. We had so many ridiculous and hilarious moments during these few hours but we were so happy with the results. The blue sky and amazing sunset over the rooftops of Antigua made it completely worth it. Erin & Nick, you guys are total troopers and a we cannot wait for your wedding! engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala

engagement photos la merced antigua engagement photos la merced antigua guatemala Photos La Merced Antigua engagement photographer antigua Photo Shoot La Merced Antigua Fotografo parejas antigua guatemala tattoo photos guatemala photos la merced antigua guatemala Photographer Antigua Guatemala engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 34 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 67 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 23 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala 03 engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala

engagement photo shoot antigua guatemala

Cristina & NickEngagement Session in Omaha, Nebraska

We were so excited for this shoot as we’ve been friends with Cristina & Nick for a few years now. Nick is an unstoppable Omaha entrepreneur responsible for amazing things like Over Easy and The Market House. We love connecting with couples over food and drinks, so that’s exactly how this afternoon started. We had many laughs and even a rooftop adventure as the sun set over Omaha. Needless to say, we’re pretty happy with the result, we love being back home every year & doing beautiful things like this engagement session in Omaha Nebraska.

Engagement Photographer Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 02 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 03 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 04 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 05 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 06 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 07 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 08 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 09 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 10 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 11 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 12 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 13 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 14 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 15 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 16 Engagement Session in Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 19 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 20 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 21 Engagement Session in Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 23 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 24 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 25 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 26 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 28 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 29 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 30 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 31 Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 32 Engagement Session in Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska 34


5 Ways Drones Help Make Wedding Photos Incredible~ Guest Post by Zacc Dukowitz~

Just a year ago, the idea of having a drone be part of your wedding shoot may have seemed a little far-fetched.

But drone technology has developed incredibly quickly, with the price of drones going down while the quality goes up.

These days you can buy a good camera drone that will respond to gestures, hold specific flight patterns to allow for interesting shots without complicated manual maneuvering, track you while you move, and provide incredibly high quality video and stills—all for less than a plane ticket to Europe might run you.

Which is all to say that we’re living in the golden age of drones for aerial cinematography. And what better place to use a drone than at a wedding shoot?

Weddings are an incredibly special, unique time (as everyone knows), and of course we all want our wedding photos to be amazing.

Using a drone for a wedding shoot can add a wow factor to the resulting images—here are x different ways that a drone can make wedding photos incredible.

Drone Photos Guatemala Weddings
Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

5 Ways that Drones Help Make Wedding Photos Incredible

1. Showcasing Your Wedding Venue

Most pictures or video taken on the ground has the trouble of being limited to a specific plain of vision.

Sure, a photographer can climb on top of something to get a group shot. But the resulting pictures will still be limited to the one perspective provided by the rooftop or balcony where the photographer happens to be standing.

A drone, on the other hand, can capture the entire area where the wedding is taking place.

Are you getting married on the beach, or on the side of a mountain, or in some other spectacular place?

Imagine looking through your wedding album on your 20th anniversary and having a sweeping aerial snapshot of your entire venue. That is pretty amazing.

2. Impossible Made Possible

Drones also allow for some really impressive creativity when it comes to the types of shots you get.

You can use aerial shots to spell out words on the lawn with your wedding guests, or organize people in other fun, interesting ways.

You also have the advantage of perspective—imagine capturing emotional moments that would be impossible to photograph from the ground, such as the bride and her father hiding on one side of the house, preparing to appear, while the groom waits at the altar.

The resulting image would be amazing, and impossible without a drone.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

3. Capturing Scale and Scope

Planning a destination wedding?

A good drone can help capture the grandeur of the vistas, the sweep and reach of the ocean, the entire lush landscape of the valley—wherever the destination is, having an eye in the sky to really highlight the surroundings is a big plus when you’ve gone to the trouble to travel somewhere for your wedding.

For many of your guests, the trip they take for your wedding may be the most exciting thing they did in a long time.

Having some aerial shots to record the memory of the place will help make the experience that much more special. Imagine being able to look back ten years later, and see the entire beach, or the entire mountainside. That’s pretty awesome.

4. Wow Guests, and Your Partner

Let’s face it—not everyone is a people person.

If your fiancé(e) is nervous about hosting such a big event, or not exactly thrilled about planning every detail, having a drone shoot could be something that the more introverted wedding party members could get really jazzed about.

Having a flying robot in the sky is definitely a good conversation starter, and adds a

5. One Word: Magic

Having aerial shots of your wedding adds a quality to the images produced that can only be described as magical.

In short, the possibilities a drone can provide blow the traditional wedding album out of the water. Nothing can really compare to the cinematic wonder of a picture taken from high in the sky.

But don’t take it from me. See for yourself:

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

Convinced you need a drone in your wedding shoot? Awesome!

Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography uses a drone as part of their kit of tools for their wedding shoots, so you’re in good hands. (In fact, they took both of the pictures featured in this article!)

About the Author

Zacc Dukowitz is the Director of Marketing for UAV Coach, a leading source of news, resources, and training for the drone industry. Drone Pilot Ground School, UAV Coach’s flagship course to help drone pilots prepare for the FAA’s Part 107 test, has trained over 9,000 drone pilots, with a pass rate of over 99%.

Marcela & RicardoWedding in Hacienda Nueva, Guatemala City

This was such a fun night! Marcela & Ricardo were married at the Hacienda Nueva Country Club, outside of San Jose Pinulá, Guatemala. What was so impressive about this wedding was literally EVERY decoration was made by Marcela or one of her guests. Ricardo’s beautiful mother even made the amazing wedding cake, adorned with succulents and hanging on a swing at the reception. This truly was a family affair! wedding photographer guatemala city

Wedding Photographer Guatemala Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 02 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 03 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 04 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 05 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 06 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 07 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 08 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 09 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 10 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 11 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 12 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 13 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 14 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 15 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 16 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 17 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 18 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 19 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 20 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 21 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 22 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 23 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 24 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 25 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 26 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 27 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 28 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 29 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 30 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 31 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 32 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 33 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 34 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 35 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 36 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 37 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 38 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 39 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 40 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 41 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 42 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 43 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 44 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 45 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 46 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 47 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 48 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 49 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 50 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 51 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 52 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 53 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 54 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 55 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 56 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 57 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 58 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 59 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 60 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 61 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 62 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 63 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 64 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 65 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 66 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 67 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 68 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 69 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 70 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 71 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 72 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 73 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 74 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 75 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 76 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 77 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 78 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 79 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 80 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 81 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 82 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 83 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 84 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 85 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 86 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 87 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 88 Wedding Photographer Guatemala City 89

wedding photographer guatemala city

Josh & MarisaReserva Conchal ~ Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Wedding Photographer Costa Rica // We never imagined that our job would begin taking us all over Central America to meet amazing people and spend some time in the earth’s most incredible places. We fell so lucky that we got a chance to finally visit Costa Rica, better yet in the amazing Playa Conchal of Guanacaste, for Marisa & Josh’s wedding at Reserva Conchal. It was also this amazing couples’ first time to Costa Rica, so we were all in awe of the incredible landscapes and beaches for the entire week we were there. Wedding Photographer Costa Rica

A few days before the wedding, the four of us ventured out into some of the farmlands of Costa Rica to take some photos and find the greener side of Guanacaste. We chatted about their story and all of their travel adventures from years prior, so it was amazing to get to know them better. For sunset we made our way back to the beach for a sunny, sea-side shoot. Playa Conchal is unique because the grains of sand are much bigger than normal and in certain parts, is completely made out of conch shells (as shown in the double exposure below). Wedding Photographer Costa Rica

Although the actual wedding day began with some rain, Marisa & Josh’s excitement for marriage didn’t change in the slightest. They both eagerly awaited their colorful, tropical wedding in the gardens of Reserva Conchal. Immediately after the ceremony, however, the sky cleared up and we got a chance to photograph during an incredible, golden sunset. We had trouble pausing between photos, as we didn’t want to miss a minute of the incredible light. We finally let them go back to their guests as the sky grew dark and we made our way to their beautifully decorated family-style dinner, right next to the pools (which were utilized later in the evening ;)), lit up by garden lights. Wedding Photographer Costa Rica

Marisa, Josh and their guests then danced the night away and finished their incredible Costa Rican wedding celebration. We love traveling for weddings and are so pleased to have played a small part in “JAM”‘s wedding story. We wish them all the best for the future and cannot wait for their eventual visit to Guatemala 😉 Enjoy the photos of this amazing wedding in Costa Rica.

Wedding Planner(s): Barbara Broutin from Four Nineteen Weddings
Videographer: Jonathan Yonkers
Venue: Reserva Conchal
Make up: Tricia Espinoza from Maravilla Makeup
Hair: Victoria Alfaro from Bridal Services Costa Rica
Dress: Leanne Marshall
Suit: J. Crew
Bride Shoes: Sarah Jessica Parker
Groom Shoes: Cole Haan
Jewelry: Henry Bendel
Flowers: Stylos & Flores
Rentals: Four Nineteen Weddings
Guitar Player for Ceremony: Ricardo Fonseca
DJ: Stephen Denton
Desserts: Victoria Zoch

Hit Play Below. Music: Animal Collective – Loch Raven


 Day 1 ~ Engagement Session around Guanacaste & Playa Conchal 

Wedding Photographer Costa Rica Photographer Guanacaste wedding photos guanacaste wedding photographer guanacaste costa rica

 Day 2 ~ Wedding at Westin Reserva Conchal 

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Derek & MonicaAntigua, Guatemala

We loved getting to know these two during their session at Las Capuchinas Church and Convent in Antigua, Guatemala. Enjoy their engagement photos! Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

Engagement Photography Antigua Guatemala Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 02 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 03 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 04 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 05 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 06 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 07 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 08 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 09 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 10 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 11 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 12 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 13 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 14 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 15 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 16 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 17 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 18 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 19 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 20 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 21 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 22 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 23 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 24 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 25 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 26 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 27 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 28 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 29 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 30 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 31 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 32 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 33 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 34 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 35 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 36 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 37 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 38 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 39 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 40 Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala 41 Engagement Photographer Antigua Guatemala 42

Engagement Session at Las Capuchinas Antigua Guatemala

Sebastian & VastyLa Florencia & Cerro de La Cruz ~ Antigua, Guatemala

Having another photographer ask you to shoot their engagement photos is the ultimate form of flattery. Not only did we get to hang out with the incredibly talented Vasty Madrid, but we got to trade secrets, share experiences and make new friends. What an awesome afternoon! Engagement Photos in Antigua

Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 01 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 02 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 03 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 04 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 05 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 06 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 07 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 08 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 09 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 10 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 11 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 12 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 13 Engagement Photos in Antigua 14 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 15 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 16 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 17 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 18 Engagement Photos in Antigua 19 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 20 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 21 Engagement Photos in Antigua 22 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 23 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 24 Engagement Photos in Antigua 25 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 27 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 28 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 29 Engagement Photos in Antigua 30 Engagement Photos in Antigua 31 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 32 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 33 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 34 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 35 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 36 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 37 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 38 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 39 Wedding Photography Antigua Guatemala 40

Engagement Photos in Antigua