September 27, 2016

5 Ways Drones Help Make Wedding Photos Incredible

Just a year ago, the idea of having a drone be part of your wedding shoot may have seemed a little far-fetched.He’s out now, we’ll get to see him soon. We’ll spend the night in the hospital so they can observe him then head home tomorrow morning.

But drone technology has developed incredibly quickly, with the price of drones going down while the quality goes up.

These days you can buy a good camera drone that will respond to gestures, hold specific flight patterns to allow for interesting shots without complicated manual maneuvering, track you while you move, and provide incredibly high quality video and stills—all for less than a plane ticket to Europe might run you.

Which is all to say that we’re living in the golden age of drones for aerial cinematography. And what better place to use a selfie drone than at a wedding shoot?

Weddings are an incredibly special, unique time (as everyone knows), and of course we all want our wedding photos to be amazing.

Using a drone for a wedding shoot can add a wow factor to the resulting images—here are x different ways that a drone can make wedding photos incredible.

Drone Photos Guatemala Weddings
Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

5 Ways that Drones Help Make Wedding Photos Incredible

1. Showcasing Your Wedding Venue

Most pictures or video taken on the ground has the trouble of being limited to a specific plain of vision.

Sure, a photographer can climb on top of something to get a group shot. But the resulting pictures will still be limited to the one perspective provided by the rooftop or balcony where the photographer happens to be standing.

A drone, on the other hand, can capture the entire area where the wedding is taking place.

Are you getting married on the beach, or on the side of a mountain, or in some other spectacular place?

Imagine looking through your wedding album on your 20th anniversary and having a sweeping aerial snapshot of your entire venue. That is pretty amazing.

2. Impossible Made Possible

Drones also allow for some really impressive creativity when it comes to the types of shots you get.

You can use aerial shots to spell out words on the lawn with your wedding guests, or organize people in other fun, interesting ways.

You also have the advantage of perspective—imagine capturing emotional moments that would be impossible to photograph from the ground, such as the bride and her father hiding on one side of the house, preparing to appear, while the groom waits at the altar.

The resulting image would be amazing, and impossible without a drone.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

3. Capturing Scale and Scope

Planning a destination wedding?

A good drone can help capture the grandeur of the vistas, the sweep and reach of the ocean, the entire lush landscape of the valley—wherever the destination is, having an eye in the sky to really highlight the surroundings is a big plus when you’ve gone to the trouble to travel somewhere for your wedding.

For many of your guests, the trip they take for your wedding may be the most exciting thing they did in a long time.

Having some aerial shots to record the memory of the place will help make the experience that much more special. Imagine being able to look back ten years later, and see the entire beach, or the entire mountainside. That’s pretty awesome.

4. Wow Guests, and Your Partner

Let’s face it—not everyone is a people person.

If your fiancé(e) is nervous about hosting such a big event, or not exactly thrilled about planning every detail, having a drone shoot could be something that the more introverted wedding party members could get really jazzed about.

Having a flying robot in the sky is definitely a good conversation starter, and adds a

5. One Word: Magic

Having aerial shots of your wedding adds a quality to the images produced that can only be described as magical.

In short, the possibilities a drone can provide blow the traditional wedding album out of the water. Nothing can really compare to the cinematic wonder of a picture taken from high in the sky.

But don’t take it from me. See for yourself:

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography

Convinced you need a drone in your wedding shoot? Awesome!

Daniel Lopez Perez Wedding Photography uses a drone as part of their kit of tools for their wedding shoots, so you’re in good hands. (In fact, they took both of the pictures featured in this article!)

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